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**NGI Instructors



(Bay Area)

Bryant Terry
Echo chef, food justice activist, and author of two critically acclaimed books, Bryant leads cooking demonstrations, does public speaking engagements, and makes national radio and television appearances.

The Inner Cook -- Rebecca Katz* 
Chef Rebecca receives referrals from the country’s top physicians and nutritionists.  She is the creative link bridging physicians and patients who share a common goal:  eating delicious, nutritious food to attain optimal health.  She offers customized menu plans, consultations, workshops, training, public speaking engagements and recipe and menu development.

Nutrilligence – Nino Jovicic* 
Services include cooking classes and nutrition counseling.

Three Stone Hearth – Porsche Combash*, Jessica Prentice*
Community supported, worker-owned cooperative and teaching kitchen offering nutrient-dense, prepared foods to go.

(Los Angeles area)

Chef of the People - Nathan Donahoe*
Chef Nathan’s goal is to make you the expert on your own body and empower you to make your own health decisions. His services include nutritional and food consultations, farmer’s market tours, private cooking and personal food shopping. He is also available for public speaking engagements and recipe development.
Cook LA – Liz Alexanian*
Cook LA is a unique hands-on cooking class that caters to a myriad of culinary needs. You'll learn how to cook simple and healthy gourmet meals using seasonal, fresh ingredients. Chef Liz offers an assortment of classes - from preparing world-wide cuisines to teaching you how to cook foods that heal our bodies - all in a fun, engaging atmosphere designed for all cooking types. Other services include catering, private cooking, team building, and venue rental.

Smart Simple Gourmet – Linda Wong*
Chef Linda’s goal is to improve people’s lives through food. She specializes in creating nutrient-dense and nourishing traditional foods using local, seasonal, organic and humanely raised ingredients and avoids the use of refined flours, grains and sugars. She offers a weekly meal service that is a healthy, delicious alternative to the processed foods that you find in most food outlets today.

Spork Foods – Jenny Goldberg*
Gourmet vegan food company offering cooking classes, cooking demonstrations, in-home healthy eating consultations and private cooking parties.

Veggie Barbara’s – Barbara Schwartz*
Gourmet vegan meals delivered weekly to homes and offices. Weekly packages include
three exquisitely prepared vegan entrées with sides and a quart of delicious, soul-soothing soup. Portions are generous -- two or more servings per container, depending on your appetite.

Wholesome2go – James Barry*
Healthy meals delivered fresh to your door twice a week.


The Upstairs Kitchen -- Sarah Jansen*
Small cooking classes in an intimate atmosphere. You'll work with experienced, local chefs who are passionate about food. Classes vary from working with the basic grains, seasonal greens, root vegetables, and healthy fats, to more specialized areas like cleansing, eating raw, making pastas and cheese, baking bread and more.

Health in a Hurry – Sue Cadwell*
Organic vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free cuisine to go.  Chef Sue also offers cooking classes and event catering.

Christie Caters LLC -- Laura Christie*
Private Chefs Laura and Bill cater events of all kinds.

(New Milford)
Hillary Stern*
Hillary is a food counselor and educator.  She consults with individuals and families who want to learn how to pick, plan and prepare delicious foods for a healthier life. 


(West Coast area)
FineDine Personal Chef Service – Mary Skinner*
High quality, fine dining with a healthy approach.  Services include weekly dinner plans, small events, weddings, dinner parties or romantic dinner for two. Chef Mary caters to special dietary needs such as diabetic diet, gluten intolerance and weightloss.  She works one on one to give you the attention and meal plan you need.


(Iowa City and beyond)
Breads from Anna – Anna Sobaski*
Chef Anna will travel to your location to conduct gluten-free workshops, cooking classes or provide private instruction. She also has a line of gluten-free bread mixes that can be ordered from her website. 


Jelena Cooks – Jelena Savic*
Chef Jelena delivers organic meals twice weekly.  She’s also available for catering and private cooking.



Jam Gourmet Foods & Catering – Jennifer Mullen*
Chef Jen is available for in-home cooking, meal delivery and catering.


Whirled Peas – Lisa Simons*
Chef Lisa’s health-supportive culinary education program offers hands-on cooking classes, home parties, kids’ parties, private cooking lessons, healthy lifestyle cooking and catering services.


Bliss Fine Foods – Einat Mazor*
Services include catering, health supportive personal chef services, consultations and food tours.  Chef Einat offers appetizers and desserts that are free of gluten, dairy, casein, egg and nuts. 

Ellen’s Food & Soul – Ellen Arian*
From time to time, Chef Ellen offers cooking lessons in my her home or at local cooking schools. She is also available for private cooking classes in your home, designed to teach you what you want to learn.

From the Heart Chefs -- Sue Stimpson*
Chef Sue offers personal chef services designed around your specific dietary needs. Meals can be delivered or prepared in your home. She is also available for catered events.


(Cortland Manor)
Healthy Culinary Creations – Laurie Gershgorn* 
Chef Laurie's services include private cooking, cooking classes, nutritional consulting, weight management, school food consulting and food education. 

(Long Island)

Green Napkin Nutrition – Laura Rosenberg,* MS, RD, CDN
Laura offers nutrition counseling/medical nutrition therapy, online weight loss programs, corporate wellness programs and restaurant/food industry consulting.

The Health Chef – Kathryn Bari* 
Chef Kathryn conducts a variety of workshops and makes TV appearances.  She is available for private cooking, coaching, consulting, instruction, and speaking engagements.

Naturally Jeni Inc. – Jeni Columbo* 
Chef Jeni does private cooking and catering.

Turning Point Culinary – Cindy Siegenfeld* 
Chef Cindy is available for nutritional health assessments and private cooking instruction.


Aja Tahari Marsh*
Private cooking, catering, healthy food coaching program, cooking instruction, grocery shopping/pantry stocking and kitchen organizing.

Artemis in the City – Danielle Heard* 
Chef Danielle provides holistic health and nutritional support counseling and home cooking services based on the foundation of quality whole foods. Her nutritional support services are individually personalized to meet the needs of each client.

Chef Amanda – Amanda Anderson*
Personal chef services and holistic health counseling.

Chefs in the City – Jordan Schwartz Hendin*
Health & holistic programs, catering services, wine events, cooking classes and personal chef services.

Cook Life – Natalia Gaviria*
Chef Natalia does handcrafted event catering, food styling, recipe development and restaurant consulting.

Eat with Eli – Eli Margulies*
A health supportive natural foods service offering private cooking, kitchen consultations, event catering, specialty parties, Washington University catering, personalized cooking classes and nutritional counseling.  Chef Eli can also help preserve your harvest with instruction in pickling, fermenting, jamming, and canning.

Elyse Prince*
Chef Elyse offers culinary instruction, nutritional consultation and personal chef services that include on-premises catering, cooking parties and cooking for two. Among her specialties are gourmet kosher meals and Jewish holiday cooking.

Fancy Girl Table – Jeanette Maier* 
Full-service catering and event company serving locally-sourced ingredients composed in a delicious and artistic way.  Fancy Girl strives to be an extension of your personal style.

Fiddlehead Foods - Abby Siegel*
An eco-friendly personal chef service helping people bring wholesome meals into their homes. Menus are created using seasonal, local, and organic ingredients sourced daily from the farmer’s market. In addition to personal cooking, Chef Abby offers pantry makeovers to help you build the foundation for a healthy diet at home.

Food and Healing – Dr. Annemarie Colbin** 
Personal website of Annemarie Colbin, Ph.D., Founder and CEO of the Natural Gourmet Institute.  Its purpose is to share ideas, information, and practical tools to help people improve their health and change their lives. Dr. Colbin is available for classes, courses, workshops, speaking engagements, writing, one-on-one nutritional/wellness consultations, integrative medical practice consulting and nutritional/wellness consulting for businesses – staff and management.

Fork & Spoon -- Kristine Sabenicio*
Fork & Spoon Culinary Services offers cooking classes, professional clinics on cooking and healthy ingredients, events with the local food community, as well as consultations on cooking for kids, losing weight, healing, eating seasonally, becoming vegetarian, vegan, and much more.

Fran Costigan* + ** 
"The queen of vegan desserts," Fran is available for consultations, appearances and cooking demonstrations, private classes and custom desserts in NYC and in your town, too.

Gaia Gourmet – Laura Heifetz*
Chef Laura is available for private cooking, catering, private instruction, cooking class parties and supermarket tours.

Gillian de Seve* 
Chef Gillian is available for private cooking, catering, and instruction.  Her menus are custom designed for individual preference whether it be traditional, vegan, vegetarian or restricted.

The Good KnifeAndrea Lennon,* Founding Partner 
From eight-course tasting menus to Sunday family suppers, the Good Knife Chefs can help you make your simple occasions special and your special occasions beautiful and memorable. They work with the highest quality ingredients, focus on what’s in season, and ensure your menu is thoughtful and one of a kind.

The Green Spiral -- Maria Puerta*
Maria offers holistic health coaching and cooking classes. She helps people of all ages create and accomplish realistic health and wellness goals.

Greenwich Village Green -- Adrianna Holiat*
Adrianna is a Holistic Health Counselor and Natural Foods Chef who offers private chef services and nutritional counseling in addition to gluten- and allergen-free cooking classes and catering services.

Health by Whole Meals – Minna Hughes *
Chef Minna is available for private cooking, dinner parties and holiday meals.  Some of her specialties include macrobiotic and ayurvedic diet principles, pregnancy and post-pregnancy dietary restrictions/nutritional needs and gluten-free cuisine.
Healthy Foods by Robinson – Hanna Robinson*
Chef Hanna is available for private cooking, catering, instruction, counseling, Greenmarket tours and pantry makeovers.

Lauren Pilgrim*
Chef Lauren prepares and delivers fresh, healthy & delicious vegetarian & vegan meals using local & organic ingredients.

Mia-Rut -- Amanda Melpolder*
Chef Amanda is available to cook, teach, write about food or develop a new recipe.

Myra Kornfeld* + ** 
Chef Myra conducts cooking classes, cooking parties and corporate events in her kitchen or on location. Her specialties include ethnic, Kosher, vegetarian, vegan, flexitarian, omnivorous, kid-friendly, and any dietary restrictions.

Nutrition for Empowered Women – Alexandra Jamieson*
Chef Alex is available for holistic health counseling, cooking classes, demos, and lecturing.

Organic Soul Chef – Madea Allen* 
Chef Madea offers health counseling, private cooking and classes.

Naturally Tasty – Gilda Mulero* 
Chef Gilda provides wholesome meals, dinner parties and private cooking instruction throughout New York City. She also organizes kitchens with her “Kitchen Detox and Pantry Makeover” service and offers “Cooking 101 for Newlyweds,” a cooking class for brides and grooms that has been featured in Manhattan Bride Magazine.

Stefanie Sacks,* M.S., Culinary Nutritionist
Stefanie works hands-on with individuals and groups in transition to a healthier diet as a Food Counselor, Nutrition Educator and Chef Instructor. In addition to NYC and vicinity, she practices throughout the Hamptons.

Simple Social Kitchen – Molly Neuman*
Chef Molly does private cooking, catering, instruction, and health and wellness consulting.

Sundrops Organics -- Jessica Lewkovitz*
A delivery service offering health-supportive meals as well as specialized juice and raw food cleanses.

Sweet Deliverance NYC – Kelly Geary*
Chef Kelly transforms farm-fresh, organic ingredients into deliciously wholesome meals and then delivers them to your home.

The Traveling Café – Shawna Kent*
Chef Shawna hosts dinner parties, cooking parties and other special cooking events at your house. She can bring live music to your dinner if you wish.  She is also available as a consultant to create menus, special meals, and diets, or to help you get started in cooking at home.
Two Peas in a Pod LLC – Georgia Melnyk*
Chef Georgia offers in-home catering services.

Vibrant Dish – Maureen Cavalieri* + Sylvia Pogorzelski*
Chefs Maureen and Sylvia are available for cooking classes, personal chef services and health counseling.

Wellness Made Natural – Danielle Krupa*
Chef Danielle offers private cooking, individual or group classes, and health and culinary consulting.

You Choose I Cook – Cheryll Jarrett*
Chef Cheryll created a personal chef service for busy individuals and parents who have no time to cook, but want their children and loved ones to have the best food possible. She also caters to new mothers and others with special dietary needs.

A Natural Chef -- Cathy Vogt*
As a Certified Health Counselor & Professional Chef, Cathy is dedicated to supporting, inspiring and educating people about ways to improve health & address existing health conditions.  Her approach is hands-on and starts in your kitchen. Simple steps, practical tips, whole foods nutrition education and lifestyle tools will assist you in reducing stress, feeling more energetic and reaching your goals.


Abby's Table -- Abby Fammartino*
Through community dinners, catering and classes Chef Abby hopes to build a healthy food culture by making it fun and accessible to all types of eaters. Abby’s Table also creates a superb line of handmade, fresh sauces, all free of gluten, dairy, soy and refined sugars.

Salt Fire and Time – Tressa Yellig*
At Portland’s traditional healing foods kitchen, Chef Tressa offers a variety of delicious, nutrient-dense food options organized around a weekly pick up.  She also offers cooking intensives.



Organic Personal Chef – Carole Ortenzo*
 All meals are prepared in Chef Carole’s commercial kitchen.  Pick-up dates and times are scheduled for your convenience.  The Chef is also available for dinner parties and cooking classes.


Christopher Erickson
Chef Chris is known for his innovative global gourmet cuisine using healthy ingredients with comfort food flavors. He can be found cooking on mega yachts, cruise ships, private estates, fashion shoots, rock star events or for anyone who enjoys a great tasting and satisfying meal. Private cooking, catering, dinner parties, home food service, special dietary cooking and cooking classes are all available with a large repertoire of dishes and menus to choose from.


Chef Shane Kelly
Chef Shane is available for private cooking classes, demos and public speaking engagements.


Sprout – Adam Tyner
Chef Adam is available for private cooking and catering.  You can choose from his sample list of meals or he can plan a specific diet that is suited to your needs, including low fat, low carb, vegan/vegetarian, or macrobiotic.


Eating for a Lifetime – Laura Pole
Chef Laura’s mission is to provide excellent and innovative consultation and education services in health supportive cooking and eating to her clients. The goal is for clients to become active partners in reclaiming and maintaining their own health, as well as the health of their families and their community. 


Nature’s Way Food – Birgitte Antonsen, * NTP
A Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Chef Birgitte works with individuals to identify their inherent weaknesses and nutritional challenges and supports them in their journey toward a state of optimal health. She encourages her clients in the selection of nutrient-dense, organic whole foods and guides them in proper cooking methods allowing the foods to retain their nutritional value.


Kitchen Vitality – Virginia Corpus McDermott
Virginia is both Chef and Certified Holistic Counselor.  She offers cooking classes and consultations.

Green Zebra Kitchen -- Gregg Lewis*
Organic, local, seasonal vegetarian meals delivered to your home or office. Menu changes weekly.

Olga Sofia Perez
Chef Olga offers cooking classes and catering.

(Hong Kong)

Love True Food – Lakshmi Harilela
Chef Lakshmi offers private dining, classes and food photography.

Nikki's Healing Kitchen -- Nicole Croes*
Nikki is a Holistic Health Coach and Natural Foods Chef. Her customized 6-Month Program integrates dietary guidance with simple and effective lifestyle changes that will help you look and feel your very best. She offers her clients full support, so they can learn to fully support themselves.

Kitchen Revolution -- Marie Gonzalez*
Chef Marie specializes in holistic, plant-based cooking. She offers private chef services, in-home healthy eating consultations, cooking classes (group or private), and catering. She's available for cooking demonstrations at schools, corporations and festivals. She also offers consultation services including vegetarian recipe development for restaurants and food companies.



(Palm Beach)
Chunkie Dunkie Cookies -- Dina Lauro*
Organic, raw, vegan cookies that are nutritionally rich and packed with fiber, vitamins and antioxidants. No wheat, soy or dairy. Available in six flavors.


Bam Bam Bakery – Bevin McNulty
Chef Bevin bakes gluten-free cakes, cupcakes, breads & pies. All of her goodies are also vegan, dairy-free and soy-free. Everything she does is made to order, giving her the flexibility to change certain ingredients to suit your dietary needs.


Sally B Gluten Free – Sally Bowdle
Chef Sally offers fresh made- to-order breads and sweets. Cooking classes and one-on-one instruction is also available. She uses as many organic ingredients as possible and sources local ingredients like eggs, maple sugar and produce.


CakeBites -- Kelsey Leland*
Part cake; part truffle. 100% vegan and gluten free. Chef Kelsey makes every batch of CakeBites to order, from scratch. Perfect for events, parties, or whenever you want just a little indulgence.

Headless Horseman Bakery -- Eileen Botti*
Custom vegan cakes available by special order. Cake decorating lessons also available.

Pie Corps -- Cheryl Perry* + **
All pies -- both sweet and savory -- are made from scratch, using the freshest seasonally-inspired & locally-sourced ingredients available.

Baseema Chocolate -- Sandra Hakim*
An independent chocolate studio offering delicious chocolates, hand-made to order online. Choose from traditional favorites to modern interpretations of the classics. Many vegan options available.

Fran Costigan
* + ** 
Made-to-order special occasion vegan and allergy-specific desserts, including wedding cakes.

(New Paltz)
Lagusta's Luscious Artisanal Chocolates -- Lagusta Yearwood*
All chocolate is organic and fair trade, and more than 95% of the fresh ingredients are certified organic. Lagusta operates a completely vegan business.


Sweet Freedom Bakery – Heather Esposito
Philadelphia’s first and only gluten-free, vegan, allergen-friendly bakery.  Their mission is to provide the best-tasting allergy-friendly treats that even those without allergies will love.


Blue Strawberrys -- Marina Spau*
Chef Marina offers a line of all-natural granola snacks for humans called Granola with an Edge and a line of all-natural granola snacks for dogs called Bella Crunch.

Sheffa Foods – Leslie Angle
Nibbles and salad sprinkles made from whole, unprocessed, natural foods. Available online or visit the website for a list of Sheffa retailers near you.




Pomegranate Café – Cassie Tolman*
Mother/daughter neighborhood café serving fresh, seasonal and organic vegetarian and vegan fare as well as fresh juices and smoothies.


Encuentro Café and Wine Bar – Lacey Sher* + Eric Tucker*
Menu features an eclectic mix of organic/sustainable wines, small brewery beers, organic teas, artisanal non-alcoholic beverages as well as flavorful, organic and local vegetarian cuisine in the style of enotecas and tapas bars utilizing seasonal and market-driven ingredients.


GreenGourmetToGo – Linda Soper-Kolton*
Chef Linda changes her menu weekly based on fresh, organic, local and real fare.  Meals are mostly vegan with some organic dairy. Catering and baking are also offered. Packaging and supplies are earth-friendly, and kitchen waste is composted and returned to the earth. 


Arugula Bar e Ristorante – Alec Schuler*
Elegant Italian dining with the warmth of home in a modern environment.  Chef Alec infuses the best of Italian culinary traditions with his own contemporary interpretations.  Ingredients are grown based on traditional practices, meats are naturally raised, produce is local and organic, and fish and shellfish are in accordance with guidelines for sustainability.

WaterCourse Foods – Daniel Landes*
100% vegetarian comfort foods and baked goods in a welcoming environment using fresh ingredients daily.  Waste is recycled, biodegradable supplies are used and bike riders are offered a 10% discount.


(Key West)
Help Yourself – Charlie Wilson*
With a mission to inspire and nurture people and communities to help themselves through food and lifestyle choices, Charlie opened Help Yourself Café in 2008.  Her restaurant is green inside and out. Everything is made from scratch using organic ingredients, and the menu is designed so there is something for everyone. Whether you want meat, vegan, gluten-free, raw or simply a tasty meal that you know is good for you, you will find it on the menu – if not just ask!


Local Burger – Hilary Brown*
Leading the evolution of fast food with fresh, organic, local and sustainable fare that is free of unnatural additives and preservatives.  All meats are locally sourced and the menu features a variety of burgers including beef, buffalo, elk, lamb, pork, turkey, tofu and veggie (gluten-free, egg-free, dairy-free, corn-free and soy-free).


(New Orleans)
Three Muses -- Dan Esses*
A small plate jazz lounge, Three Muses brings together professionals in culinary, hospitality, and music to create a chic, unique, smoke-free environment committed to quality. The small plates are Mediterranean with an Asian influence.


The Dining Car -- Naomi Close*
A mobile food truck serving freshly prepared meals on the streets of Boston. Sandwiches are prepared on freshly baked breads and their focaccia is baked on-site, continuously throughout the day. The ever-changing menu features meats and seasonal produce that represent the local agricultural community, with selections inspired by cuisines from all over the world.


Plant -- Jason Sellers*
An entirely plant-based menu described by Bold magazine as "grown-up urban cuisine that is delicious, fresh, seasonal, local, and creatively interpreted."


(Red Bank)
Good Karma Café – Gail Doherty
Vegan café and juice bar using the finest ingredients, guaranteed to be at least 90% organic.  Staples including vegetables, grains, beans, tofu, tempeh and nuts are local and fair trade products whenever possible.  Desserts and cookies are made fresh every day.

Hobcaw Café – Nancy McArthur*
Fresh, American cuisine made from scratch on premises.  From delicious sandwiches and salads to sweet creations, Chef Nancy’s goal is to make every moment at Hobcaw memorable. She offers sit-down, takeout and delivery service. She also provides full event catering for your every need.


(Bay Shore, Long Island)
Tula Kitchen – Jackie Sharlup
Downtown-chic and comfortable dining experience with full bar and live music. Large portions dominate the menu.  Chef Jackie uses many organic ingredients and offers a wide variety of fish, chicken and vegetarian dishes.

Palo Santo – Jacques Gautier*
Eclectic Latin cuisine paired with carefully selected South American wines.  Menu changes daily according to market availability of ingredients and the kitchen’s creative inspiration.  Chef Jacques presents his rendition of traditional Latin American cooking, making use as much as possible of local, sustainable farm products and carefully sourced fair-trade imports.  Regular visits to farms and suppliers insure the quality of his ingredients.

Brasilina -- Mariana Bull*
A contemporary restaurant with a brazilian soul.

Dirt Candy – Amanda Cohen*
One of the only Michelin-recommended vegetarian restaurants in America, Dirt Candy was named “Best Vegetarian Restaurant in NYC” by amNew York and L Magazine, voted “Best Vegan Restaurant in NYC” by Citysearch readers, and the Village Voice singled it out for “Best Grits in NYC.”  Chef Amanda serves upscale, vegetarian fare that can be made vegan upon request.

Mihoko's 21 Grams -- Mihoko Kiyokawa*
An elegant dining salon serving high-end French/Japanese cuisine. There is also a sushi menu available at the bar and in the downstairs lounge.

(Queens -- Kew Gardens)
Thyme Natural Market -- Nathalie Reid*
Organic Market & Cafe. All cafe items are handmade on the premises. Chef Nathalie and her team offer pre-made and made-to-order sandwiches and wraps, fresh coffee and bakery items, as well as a full case of prepared foods suitable for vegans, vegetarians and omnivores alike.

FireWorks Restaurant & Bar – Marlene Liff-Anderson*
FireWorks proudly showcases local family farmers, ranchers, foragers, brewers & vintners.  The menu features pub classic burgers and sandwiches, wood-fired pizza, specialty entrees and more.
Live entertainment events are posted on the website.



(Kelowna, BC)
DE BAKKER’S Kitchen – Mary De Bakker*
Neighborhood bakery and restaurant using the best ingredients available in family recipes.  Bakery offers a variety of breads and baked goods; restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Zen Kitchen – Caroline Ishii* 
Fine dining vegan restaurant where meals are created out of healthy, environmentally-friendly  foods that are as organic and locally-sourced as possible. Chef Caroline uses all natural, non-GMO ingredients with no preservatives or chemical additives.  She also offers cooking classes offsite at two separate locations.


(Sao Paulo)
Moinho de Pedra -- Tatiana Cardosa*
Chef Tatiana creates and develops her dishes on a daily basis, preparing weekly dynamic and diversified vegetarian menus. She was awarded a special star by Quatro Rodas Travel Guide for Best vegetarian restaurant in Brazil.


To Grandmother’s House We Go – Sue Baldassano**
A journey and tribute to the dying art of traditional home cooking and to the unsung people (mostly grandmothers) who have managed to keep it alive.  Together in a relaxed, informal setting, you’ll prepare simple delicious food with people who have kept warm the hearth and heart of home cooking.  Culinary and cultural tours offered to Mexico, Italy and Turkey.

“Wildman” Steve Brill
Wild Food!  Learn about edible and medicinal wild plants and mushrooms, nature and ecology with America’s best-known forager “Wildman” Steve Brill.  The purpose of this hands-on program is to learn about the environment and get back in touch with nature.


(Santa Marguerita)

Rinconada Dairy – Christine Maguire*
Producing hand crafted cheeses from raw sheep milk.  Christine’s cheese making evolved from 25 years of organic gardening, animal husbandry, working with nature and a passion for producing healthful and delicious food. Every step in the process of breeding, lambing, feeding, milking, cheese making and affinage is hands on.  A list of retailers and restaurants offering Rinconada cheeses is listed on the website.  Christine also offers farm stays and helps guests plan adventures in the area.


NYC (Queens)

Mi Kitchen es su Kitchen
Long- or short-term professional kitchen leases at reasonable rates on a flexible time-share basis. Designed for start-up food manufacturers.  Kitchens provide professional standard ovens, refrigerators, freezers, mixers, food processors, work tables, pots and pans, utensils and locked storage space.


Menen Centre for Optimum Health and Canadian Integrative Cancer Centre
The vision for care at this Canadian facility is to encourage integrative medical care for all patients.  The practitioners at this facility believe that patients are best helped to reach their healthcare goals by using a combination of treatment options to enhance their physical, mental, and emotional health.

Children’s Aid Society
Helps children in poverty succeed and thrive.  Serves New York's neediest children and their families at more than 45 locations in the five boroughs and Westchester County.

Evermore Pet Food -- Alison Wiener*
Dedicated to providing canine companions with delicious, hearty, nutritious and balanced diets consisting of minimally processed whole foods.

Food Bank
New York City's major hunger-relief organization working to end food poverty throughout the five boroughs.

Green Edge Collaborative -- Carolyn Gilles* ( Founder)
A social network that connects people with businesses, organizations and the resources they need to build a sustainable future.

NY Coalition for Healthy School Food
A statewide nonprofit that works to improve the health and well-being of New York's students by advocating for healthy plant-based foods, including local and organic where possible, farm to school programs, school gardens, the elimination of unhealthy competitive foods in all areas of the school (not just the cafeteria), comprehensive nutrition policy, and education to create food- and health-literate students.

Institute for Integrative Nutrition
Curriculum teaches a wide variety of skills in health coaching, nutrition education, business management and healthy lifestyle choices.

Just Food
Unites local farms and city residents of all economic backgrounds with fresh, seasonal, sustainably grown food.

The Open Center
Programs offered concentrate in five major areas: Contemplative and Spiritual Traditions; Health and Wellness; Psychology; Society and Ecology; and Creativity and the Arts.

Organic Spark – Molly Chester*
A traditional foods blog with recipes.

Sylvia Center
A garden-to-table program that inspires young people to discover good nutrition through thoughtful, direct experiences with seasonal fruits and vegetables on the farm and in the kitchen.

Wellness in the Schools
Inspires healthy eating, environmental awareness and fitness as a way of life for kids in New York City’s public schools through hands-on programs.

Smith Farm
Cancer Help Program offers residential retreats that allow participants and caregivers to explore, educate, nourish, renew and reclaim their inner resources for healing.